351st Bomb Group

Polebrook, England

Group Mission #268

Non-Credited Mission

DATE: 7 Feb. 1945
Target: Fuel Depot, Dulmen, Germany
Mission Scrubbed When Over Continent - Weather

    1. TARGETS: 
    2. The Visual Primary and Micro-H target for today is: Fuel Depot, Dulmen near Munster [Germany]
    3. PFF Primary: Marshalling Yard at Munster [Germany]
    4. Visual Secondary: ____
    5. PFF Secondary: ____
    6. Last Resort: Any Military Objective over Bomb Line.

    Zero Hour: -1000 1200Stations: - 0645 0845
    Start Engines: - 0655 0855Taxi: - 0715 0915
    Take Off: - 0730 0930Last Take Off: - 0850 1050
    Target Time: - ____ ETR [Estimated Time
       of Return]:

    - 1335 1535
    Depart English Coast at: 1002 at Orfordness

     Gasoline: 2,500 Gallons
     Bombs: All A/C: 12 x 500# G.P. [General Purpose] 1/10 x 1/40 [Fuses]

  3. Intervalometer Settings: Visual – Salvo. Instrument – 75 FT.

  4. Chaff: Commence discharge of chaff at - 3 min. before I.P. [Initial Point of Bomb Run] & continue 13" [minutes].
      Each A/C [Aircraft] will carry - 360 units.

  5. Disposition of Forces:

    3 Divisions will be dispatched. The 1st Air Division will depart England ____ preceded by ____ Division and followed by the ____ Division.
    1st Division will dispatch _4_ CBW's of _2_ Groups each.
    The order of attack in the 1st Division will be:
    2nd Division targets areRhein & Osnabruck
    3rd Division targets areHamm

  6. Fighter Cover: __1__Gps. of - P-51's Plus 1 Group Area Support.
    Buckeye Red Scouting Force - 4 P-51's.
    Maypole One Screening Force - 3 Mosq. [Mosquito's]

  7. Assembly:
    Lead at18,000'feet on Kings Cliffe BuncherRed-GreenFlares
    High at19,000'feet onKings CliffeBuncherGreen-GreenFlares
    Low at17,000'feet onKings CliffeBuncherRed-RedFlares
    401st at18,000'feet onCottesmoreBuncherRed-YellowFlares
    457th at____feet on____Buncher____Flares
    Combat Wing Assembly Line:  Lowestoft to Orfordness
    Division Assembly Line:  Orfordness, 51°30’N-02°28’E, 51°45’N-03°47’E
    _2_ minutes interval between Groups.
    Reference altitude: 22,000'

  8. Call Signs:
    351stWoodcraft B - Baker 
    401stWoodcraft A - Able
    457thWoodcraft ____
    1st Div. Air CommanderMajor White
    94th CBW Air CommanderMajor White

  9. Navigator - _____

  10. S-2 - _____

  11. Weather - _____

  12. Communications - _____

  13. Flying Control - _____

  14. Special Instructions:
     a. Type of Bombing Formation - Squadron
     b. Bombardier and Navigator of the #3 A/C of each sqdn. report to Photo Lab.
     c. Camera A/C   C-694, O-277, T-461
      return at  0300°E
     d. Spares to turn back at 03°00 E
     e. PFF A/C fly as Lead & Deputy of Lead Sq. & Lead of Hi & Low
     f. GH A/C fly as ____
     g. REMARKS: Open & Close doors [Bomb Bay Doors] over Channel


Operational Narrative – 94th “C” CBW:
  1. Date of Mission - 7 February, 1945.
    1. Target Attacked:  None.
    2. Force: 94th “B” Group. Thirty-nine aircraft, including four PFF ships and three flying spares were dispatched.
    3. Position: The 94th "B" Group flew as second group in the Division Formation, its briefed position.
    4. Lead Teams
      Group Lead
      Air Commander: Major Leonard B. Roper
      Pilot:Captain Duane S. Anderson
      Navigator:1st Lt. Milton J. Morrisette
      Bombardier:1st Lt. Jerald E. Traczewitz

      High Squadron
      Group Leader: 1st Lt. Clifford T. Prior.
      Pilot:1st Lt. Walter H. Brooks.
      Navigator:2nd Lt. John E. Rowen.
      Bombardier:2nd Lt. Joseph Loiscono.

      Low Squadron
      Group Leader: Captain Winfield F. Muffett
      Pilot:1st Lt. Robert S. Parnell
      Navigator:1st Lt. Irl A. Irwin
      Bombardier:1st Lt. Frank H. Reising
  2. Narrative.
    1.  Squadron and Group Assembly: The formation made its assembly over the King's Cliffe buncher, as planned. It was necessary, however, to assemble at 20,000 feet, 2,000 feet above the briefed altitude. While the 94th "B" Group was still circling the buncher, the 94th "A" Group (Division Lead) was seen departing from its assembly point. The 94th "B" Group immediately got behind the 94th "A" Group and followed it over England.
    2.  Route Over England: The 94th "B" Group got into position behind the 94th "A" Group north of the King's Cliffe buncher. It followed the 94th "A" Group to a point north of Donington across the Wash, and back to the briefed course at a point south of Great Yarmouth. Orfordness the departure point, was reached on time (1202), at an altitude of 20,000 feet, 2,000 feet below the briefed height.
    3.  Division Assembly Line: Departure from the English coast was made on course and on time. The 94th "A" Group was followed in its attempts to avoid weather enroute. This took the formation to the left of the briefed course and further divergency later took it to the Belgian coast rather than to the coast of Holland as planned. The Division Leader was heard contacting the Weather Scouting Force over VHF. The Weather Scouting Force reported that it had flown at 24,000 feet and 30,000 feet and was still using instruments. The Division Leader then gave the order to abandon the mission. The order was given at 1228, at 5110 - 0303 [6 miles SE of Ostend, Belgium].
    4.  Flight to Base: It was necessary for the formations to go to the north of the briefed course in the return flight to base. The English coast was crossed at the departure point and a direct route to base was flown.
    5.  Weather Enroute: Three to five-tenths middle cloud at 10-12,000 feet was encountered over base at take-off.
      On the route out, the middle cloud became solid with the top of it rising to the east. Along the East coast of England and in the West part of the channel, there were cirrus at 25-26,000 feet, thickening to the east and converging with the middle cloud. The formation ran into solid cloud at approximately 0210[E]-5145[N] while flying at 25,000 to 26,000 feet. It remained in cloud at that altitude until it reached the vicinity of Ostend, and also on the route to the north after the mission was abandoned. The main cloud top was just above 28,000 feet with four-six tenths thin cirrus above this at about 31,000 feet.
      On the return route, the formation broke out of the solid cloud at about 26,000 feet and at 0300[E]-5230[N]. After breaking out of the solid cloud there was seven-nine tenths low and middle clouds below, breaking to four-five tenths along the Eastern coast of England, but becoming six-nine tenths inland. On the let-down over England there was three-four tenths at 10-12,000 feet and eight tenths low cloud at 3,000 feet with tops at 5,500 feet.
      Base upon return was found to have six tenth low cloud at 3,000 feet with tops at 5-6,000 feet, and three tenths middle cloud at 10-12,000 feet. Nil High cloud.
    6.  Fighter Support: Not seen.
    7.  Comments: No enemy opposition was encountered. All aircraft returned to base. Two crews from the 457th Group flew with the formation, scheduled as flying spares.
    8.  Aircraft Not Attacking: All aircraft returned to base without attacking.

  [Signed] Lewis J. Maginn, Captain, Air Corps, Ass’t. Operations Officer

351st Bombardment Group
Lead BoxHigh BoxLow BoxTOTAL
No. of A/C Failing to Take Off0000
No. of A/C Airborne13131339
No. of A/C Airborne Less Unused Spares12131338
No. of A/C Sorties0000
No. of A/C Attacking0000
No. of A/C Not Attacking12131338
(A) No. of A/C Attacking Primary Target12121236
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs 120 x 500# GP  120 x 500# GP  120 x 500# GP  360 x 500# GP 
Name of Secondary Target
(A) No. of A/C Attacking Secondary Target
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
Name of Last Resort Target (LRT)
(A) No. of A/C Attacking LRT
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
Name of Target of Opportunity (T.O.)
(A) No. of A/C Attacking T.O.
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
No. of A/C Lost - Total0000
No. of A/C Lost - Flak
No. of A/C Lost - Flak and E/A
No. of A/C Lost - Enemy Aircraft
No. of A/C Lost - Accident
No. of A/C Lost - Unknown
Time of Take Off092509270929
Time of Attack---
Average Time of Flight4:494:525:02
Altitude of Release---
Visual or PFF---
Enemy Resistance – AA Intensity & AccuracyNONE
Enemy Resistance – Fighter0000
Enemy Resistance – Bombers0000
U.S. A/C Engaged by Enemy Aircraft0000
Degree of SuccessNO BOMBING

PFF A/C were borrowed from Groups as follows: None
PFF A/C were loaned to Groups as follows: None

PFF Aircraft OF
351st Bomb Group
44-8079LEAD - HIGH
44-8455LEAD - LOW

Aircraft 43-38666 and 42-97216 were flown in the 94th "B" formation by crews of the 457th BG. Both were scheduled as flying spares and remained with the formation.

Mission Report for Mission of this Date.
  1. No Bombs were dropped by this group on mission of this date.
  2. The 12E Form and Bombardier's Narrative will not be submitted.
  [Signed] Warren c. Steitz, Captain, Air Corps, Group Bombardier

Narrative Teletype Report:
  1. No leaflets were carried by this Group.
  2. No bombs were dropped; mission recalled.
  3. No E/A [Enemy Aircraft] were encountered and no claims [of enemy aircraft being shot down] are being submitted.
  4. No flak was encountered.
  5. Weather did not hinder assembly of our formation, but we encountered a heavy cloud front at approximately 0210 E. along the route. Tops of the front extended up to approximately 30,000 feet, and the formation was forced to fly in clouds and persistent contrails until breaking out again upon return after a Division recall. Formation turned back at approximately 5110 N - 0303 E at 1228 hrs.
  6. Nil [No observations of Military importance.]
  7. Up until the time of turn-back PFF equipment was working satisfactorily. The Scouting Force was heard to inform the Division Air Commander that they were flying at 24,000 feet and 30,000 feet and still using instruments. Fighter Support was not seen. Our a/c [aircraft] have all returned to this base.

Track Chart:
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Combat Crew Comments:

    510th Squadron:
A/C Q-799: - All ships altimeters should be calibrated. - Lt. Lubonzynski

    511th Squadron:
A/C 802-X: - 511th Ops. Officer told me that he had noted that this a/c was not to be used - yet it was assigned to me today.
      - Lt. Gattens.

  [Signed:] Robert P. Ramsey, Major, Air Corps, Group S-2 [Intelligence].

Mission Summary Report:
  1. Abortives and Flying Spares:
    1. Airplane No. 44-8280, 510th Squadron returned early. Pilot stated #1 prop ran away and could not be controlled, and manifold pressure dropped to zero. Investigation revealed internal failure of #1 engine, nose section sheared.
    2. Airplane No. 44-6802, 511th Squadron, returned early as planned.
  [Signed:] Otto R. Vasak, Major, Air Corps, Station S-4 [Engineering] Officer

Abortive Report
Aircraft No. H-280 Squadron - 510  Date - 7 Feb. 1945
    1. Reason for abortive Nose Bolts sheared on #1 loss of oil and runaway prop - engine feathered.
    2. Place and altitude 23,000 Ft 52°35' - 01°43'
    3. Time 1200
    4. Position in formation #3 Low Element High Box
    5. Disposition of bombs Returned
    6. Remarks ____
      (Pilot's Signature) George C. Lawson Jr.
    1. Cause (if mechanical) Engineering states Internal failure #1 Engine - (Engine Changed)
    2. Responsibility ____
    3. Type of abortive ____
      (Eng. Officer's Signature) ____

“J” Form:
  1. Last Four numbers and Call Letter of A/C in each Squadron:
    a. 94th Combat Wing "B" Group   Lead Squadron - 351st Group
    Sqdn 508th A/C: A–8410,
    Sqdn 509th A/C: (A–8358 PFF)
    Sqdn 510th A/C: (X–8468 PFF). L–7515, M–9001
    Sqdn 511th A/C: A–8428, C–8694, F–7705, H–8435, J–6579, M–8650,N–8592, (X–6802 Spare)

    b. 94th Combat Wing "A" Group   Low Squadron - 351st Group
    Sqdn 508th A/C: C–8753, D–8415, G–8954, J–7978, K–8130, M–7900, O–8277, P–7258, Q–8799, Y–6108
    Sqdn 509th A/C: None
    Sqdn 510th A/C: G–7862
    Sqdn 511th A/C: (U–7216 Spare) (O–8455 PFF)

    c. 94th Combat Wing "A" Group   High Squadron - 351st Group
    Sqdn 508th A/C:
    Sqdn 509th A/C: F–6566, N–7169, P–7843, Q–8116, R–6156, Z–7696, (T–8666 Spare)
    Sqdn 510th A/C: (Y–8079 PFF), A–8465, B–6610, H–8280, K–7252, T–8461
    Sqdn 511th A/C: None
  2. Target: GQ-2022
  3. W/T and R/T Operational Call Sign of each Squadron:
    Squadron508 [Call Sign]W/T KHU R/T CARLTONSquadron510 [Call Sign]W/T KVJ R/T TIPSTAFF
    Squadron509 [Call Sign]W/T UQB R/T HOTMINTSquadron511 [Call Sign]W/T WKL R/T PARTNERSHIP
  4. Taxi – 0715 0915; Take-Off – 0730 0930; E.T.D. Field – 0730 0930
  5. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing English Coast: (OUT)
    1002 120222,000 Ft Oxfordness
  6. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing Enemy Coast: (IN)
    1028 122826,000 Ft 51°45'N-03°47'E [Renesse, Netherlands]
  7. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing Enemy Coast: (Out)
    1201 140126,000 Ft 52°42'N-04°38'E [Hargen aan Zee, Netherlands]
  8. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing English Coast: (IN)
    1254 14545,000 Ft Cromer
  9. E.T.R.(Estimated Time of Return) Base: 1335 1535 Hours
  10. MF/DF [Medium Frequency/Direction Finder] Section: "G" - "H"
  11. Bomb load of Each A/C: "A" Lead Box
    Lead Squadron: 12 x 500 G.P. - 1/10 x 1/40
    Low Squadron: 12 x 500 G.P. - 1/10 x 1/40
    High Squadron: 12 x 500 G.P. - 1/10 x 1/40
    ___ Squadron:
  12. Fuel Load of each A/C: 2500 Gallons
  13. Leaders:
    Lead Sqdn: Rank & Name: Maj. Roper A/C No & Sqdn. A-8358 PFF (509)
    Low Sqdn: Rank & Name: Capt. Muffett A/C No & Sqdn. O-8455 (511)
    High Sqdn: Rank & Name: Lt. Knight A/C No & Sqdn. V-8079 (510)
  14. Passengers, if any: (Full Name, Rank, A/C and Squadron Passenger flying with)

Report Compiled By I.C. Muesing, S/Sgt.

Formation Chart:
94th "B" Combat Group - Lead Squadron Formation at Take–Off
510th Squadron
Roper–D.S. Anderson
A/C 44-8358 A PFF
A/C 44-8410 A
P.G. Anderson
A/C 44-8468 X PFF
A/C 43-38435 H
A/C 43-39001 M
A/C 43-37515 L
A/C 43-37705 F
A/C 44-6579 J
A/C 43-38592 N
A/C 43-38428 A
A/C 44-6802 X Spare
A/C 43-38650 M
A/C 43-38694 C

94th "B" Combat Group - High Squadron Formation at Take–Off
509th Squadron
A/C 44-8079 V PFF
A/C 42-97169 N
A/C 43-38116 Q
A/C 44-6610 B
A/C 44-6566 F
A/C 44-8280 H
A/C 42-97843 P
A/C 43-37696 Z
A/C 44-6156 R
A/C 42-97252 K
A/C 43-38666 T Spare
A/C 43-38465 A
A/C 43-38461 T

Lt Lawson aborted mission. His position was filled by Constanias, the flying spare.

94th "B" Combat Group - Low Squadron Formation at Take–Off
508th Squadron
A/C 44-8455 O PFF
A/C 43-37900 M
A/C 43-38405 D
A/C 43-38130 K
A/C 44-6108 Y
A/C 43-38753 C
A/C 43-38799 Q
A/C 43-37978 J
A/C 42-97258 P
A/C 43-37862 G
A/C 42-97216 U Spare
A/C 43-38954 G
A/C 43-38277 O

Time Schedule:
Zero Hour: 1200 BST [British Standard Time]  Briefing:Enlisted Men 0400; Officers 0430 Stations: 0845 Start Engines: 0855 Taxi: 0915 Take-Off: 0930  Leave Base: 0930 [Breakfast: Enlisted Men 0300; Officers 0330]

[Wounded On Mission: 0]
The above records were obtained at the National Archives Records Administration and have been declassified by authority NND 745005
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