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42-3136 No Balls at All with Cpl G. Beigner.(p001)
42-31238 Devils Ball with Capt.Harvey H. Wallace and Lt. John J. Doyle.(p002)
42-29603 Spit Ball with Cpl T.Mahoney, Sgt. Lewis E. Darling, Cpl Clarence E. McCall, T/Sgt. David A. Robinson and M/Sgt. Homer C. Woods.(p003)
42-31714 Sky Ball (p004)
42-39848 Archi Ball (p005)
42-97492 Slow Ball (p006)
42-107005 Lucille Ball with Capt. Donald A. Gaylord.(p007)
42-3150 Foul Ball with Lt. Clarence F. Norris and crew.(p008)
42-29852 Fire Ball with Lt. William R. Smith and crew.(p009)
42-29849 Linda Ball with rear: Capt. H. B. Morse, Lt. G. V. Nicolescu, S/Sgt. J. E. Hill, T/Sgt. G. R. Lee, S/Sgt. W. J. Doubledee, Lt. W. A. Blair, Lt. C. M. Shaw. front: S/Sgt. J. H. Vander Laan, S/Sgt. T. Marcial.(p010)
42-38153 Bedlam Ball with Lt. Ralph L. Willard and crew. Group includes Lt. Ralph L. Willard , Lt. Frank A. Stennett, Lt. Stanley B. Cressey, Lt. George O. Cobb, T/Sgt. Raymond M. Parsells, T/Sgt. Roy L. Black, S/Sgt. Bertrum G. Cue, S/Sgt. George H. Demerritt, S/Sgt. Robert C. Rackenbacker, S/Sgt. James O. Atkins.(p011)
42-97318 Dinah Might with M/Sgt. Carl F. Eaton, Cpl Vandever, Cpl Frederick J. Balmer, Cpl Elmer Beatty and Lt. Ficklin A. Schenk.(p012)
42-5824 Screw Ball with rear: Lt. E. J. Nardi, Lt. B. E. Squires, T/Sgt. G. S. Wade, T/Sgt. F. Swica, S/Sgt. D. D. Happold, S/Sgt. H. C. Gates, Lt. O. E. Master, Lt. H. E. Bergman. front: Sgt. J. J. Yarush, S/Sgt. R. G. Robeson and S/Sgt. H. D. Burton.(p013)
42-29825 Major Ball C/L after running out of fuel.(p014)
42-29835 Pistol Ball with Sgt. E. Vargas, Sgt. B. Pitts, M/Sgt. C. Rossman and M/Sgt. T. Hudson.(p015)
42-107046 Screw Ball (p016)
43-37524 Queen of the Ball
Photo 1: with rear; Lt. D. S. Anderson, Lt. M. Rice, Lt. M. Morrisette, Lt. G. Traczewitz front; Sgt. R. Mansell, Sgt. R. Jankowski, Sgt. S. Klyve, Sgt. J. Lahr, Sgt. M. Griffin and Sgt. D. Stewart.(p017a)
Photo 2: with rear; Lt. A. Martin, Lt. D. Bjoring Lt. R. Britton, Sgt. R. Bochek, Sgt. J. Marks. front; Sgt. P. Byrne, Sgt. M. Woodward, Sgt. C. Catterall and Sgt. R. Daloiso. (p017b)
42-29812 Lucifer Jr. with rear: Lt Spika, Lt. Marquard, Lt. Homstad, Lt. Stone, Sgt. Franz, Sgt. Woodward, front: Sgt. Anker, Sgt. McNerny, Sgt. Skalsky and Sgt. Welsh. (p018)
42-29749 Belle of the Bayous with rear: Lt H. Banton, Lt. J. Omohundro, Sgt. O. Click, Sgt. P. O'Leary, Sgt. H. Prezlomski, Lt. J. Carson, Lt. R. Matthews, front: Sgt. J. Degraf, Sgt. R. Nelson, Sgt. G. Brown and Sgt. E. Smith.(p019)
42-29860 Snoozin Susan (p020)
42-5756 Kay L II with Maj. Elzia Ledoux (p021)
42-29684 Eager Eagle with Capt. Hathaway (p022)
42-30780 Eager Eagle II with Capt. Hathaway and crew (p023)
42-30499 My Princess (p024)
42-39914 Lucky Strike with Lt. J. Wroblewski and crew (p025)
42-31384 Buckeye Babe with Lt. A. I. Keese (p026)
43-37964 Dozy Doates (p027)
43-37696 Transit Belle with Lt. C. Hammond and crew (p028)
42-29630 Piccadilly Commando with rear: S/Sgt. E. Mokol, T/Sgt. O. Lacroix, S/Sgt. J. Daniel, T/Sgt. R. Hereford, unknown, S/Sgt.T. Knowles. front: Lt. C. Adams, Lt. H. Remeis, Lt. R. Leimbeck and Lt. D. Ries. (p029)
42-97169 My Gal II with Capt. Secrest and crew (p030)
42-29874 El Conquistador (p031)
42-29848 Amatol with Maj. John R. Blaylock (p032)
42-38038 April Girl II with Lt. Lt. C. M. Walker and crew. Back row. Sgt. Forrest H. Gordon, Lt. Sam. H. McClean, Lt. Robert G. Hurley, Lt. Charles M. Walker, Lt. Charles J. Musser, Sgt. John J. Goldthorpe. Front. Sgt. Harold G. Martin, Sgt. Albert Kocsis, Sgt. William E. Power, Sgt. George J. Derby. (p033)
42-31721 Black Magic with unknown. (p034)
42-30857 My Devotion with Rear:F/O R. C. Groth, Lt. D. L. Sheets, T/Sgt. R. M. Crane, Lt. B. Schohan, Capt. J. A. Garcia. front: T/Sgt. P. J. Zibas, T/Sgt. S. Zeitler, S/Sgt. A. J. Ferrell, T/Sgt. T. Romero, T/Sgt. H. L. Bent. (p035)
42-29762 Coup de Grace With back row. Lt. Robert E. Smith, Sgt. Ray Waters, Sgt. Alex Lemanzyk, Lt. Richard Knapp, Sgt. Elwin Emmke. Front row. Lt. Ken McPherson, Sgt. Raymond Robichaud, Lt. Robert Lacey, Sgt. Ken Tricker and Sgt. Walfred Puttaansuu. (p036)
42-97196 Bobbie Anne (p037)
42-29821 Argonaut/ Vox Pop II
Photo 1: with Lt. T. W. Reed and crew.(p038a)
Photo 2: with rear; Lt. E. B. Apperson, Lt. J. Ledyard, Sgt. L. Koslev, Sgt. B. L. Mandella, Lt. W. E. Connors, and Lt. P. F. Provenzale. front; Sgt. W. J. Pappas, Sgt. C. E. Matthews, Sgt. B. Bailey and Sgt. D. R. Gaitskill. (p038b)
42-29868 The Venus
Photo 1: with rear; Sgt. A. B. Noe, Lt. W. J. Suit, Lt. J. F. Grayson, Lt. B. H. Bell, Lt. M. L. Johnson and Sgt. B. E Erickson. front; Sgt. O. G. Greene, Sgt. A. F. May, unknown, unknown.(p039a)
Photo 2: with Capt. J. S. Peck and crew.(p039b)
42-97349 Silver Dollar
Photo 1: with Lt. Lloyd Leland and crew. Rear. Sgt. M. A. Northern, Lt. R. R. Cheswick Lt. G. O. Kevorkian, Lt. L. Leland, Lt. E. B. Maxwell. Front. Sgt. J. J. Hocevar, Sgt. H. A. Stine, Sgt. W. E. Nygren, Sgt. S. C. Nocifera, Sgt. J. R. Williamson.(p040a)
Photo 2: with rear, Capt. K. M. Crabb, Lt. Harold L. Jones, Lt. L. B. Roberts, S/Sgt. John D. Bluxom, and S/Sgt. Oscar B. Malone. front, 4th from left S/Sgt.Teddy A. Smigiera. (p040b)
Photo 1: with rear; Lt. D. J. Lord and crew.In rear third fron left, Lt Richard J. Weis. Sgt. M. Griffin and Sgt. D. Stewart.(p041a)
Photo 2: with rear; Capt. F. L. Muhleman and crew. Rear L to R. Argonne F. Renniger, George Kulich, Francis A, Rider, Hugh F. Schuyler, Peter N. Mangus. Front. Frank L. Muhleman, Carl W. Rogge, Benton W. Rose, Robert L. Hilliard.(p041b)
42-29851 Argonaut III with rear: Sgt. K. L. Hulse, Lt. E. L. Watts, unknown, Lt. T.Argiropolus, Lt. R. G. Bohney, Sgt. P. G. Huls. front: Sgt. J. S. Cebulak, Sgt. F. P. Tock, Sgt. J. P. Pedri and Sgt. R. M. Pierson. (p042)
42-31879 The Shark with rear: Lt. G. L. Sullivan, Capt. D. E. McCafferty. front: Capt. R. E. Lee, Capt. L. S. Cruthirds and Lt. J. H. Wimmer. (p043)
42-98004 after direct hit by flak. (p044)
42-3106 Double Trouble (p045)
42-31725 Li'l Ginny (p046)
42-97701 Nadine L with rear: Lt. T. G. Peterson, Lt. D. Creek, Lt. R. L. Adams Lt. R. G. Craig, Lt. R. Lillien. Front: Sgt. G. Mintick, Sgt. E. Lukaszuk, Sgt. D. E. Franson' and Sgt. G. W. Hansen. (p047)
42-102576 Easter Bunny after "wheels-up" landing. (p048)
43-38116 Classie Chassis (p049)
43-38465 Favorite Lady (p050)
42-3523 April Girl with M/Sgt. Seaborn Jones. (p051)
42-6096 Onda Ball (p052)
42-3093 Nobodys Darling after crash-landing Dec. 31, 1943. (p053)
42-3141 Hitlers Headache with M/Sgt. Louis Frankart and T/Sgt. Elmer Hanson. (p054)
42-29877 Speed Ball with, standing. Lt. Kenneth L. Vaughn, Lt. Ralph H. Schwartz Jr., Lt. Milton Sherman, T/Sgt. Norman K. Michel, Lt. Don Y. Huff, Lt. Jock Doyle, S/Sgt. Bill Dolan. Kneeling. T/Sgt. Dave Fagersten, T/Sgt. Arthur J. Meredith, T/Sgt. Verl P. Long. (p055)
42-29925 The Duchess after Nantes raid on Sept. 23, 1943. Group includes Capt. Clark Gable, Col. Burns, Maj. Carraway, Maj. Blaylock and Lt. James Bradley. (p056)
42-29863 Aint it Gruesome
Photo 1: with unknown.(p057a)
Photo 2: 42-29863 Kentucky Babe with Capt. John Carson. (p057b)
42-31694 Crash-landed at Southend Feb. 11, 1944 (p058)
42-29861 Buck-Shot with Lt. Strouse and crew. (p059)
43-38920 Mort's Orphans with rear, Lt Adolph Nowakowski, Lt. Harold A. Schulte, Lt. Herman Rymer, front, S/Sgt. Ed Maly, S/Sgt. Max Misenheimer, S/Sgt. Monroe Monday, S/Sgt. Edward Waszkiewicz. T/Sgt. Courtney Wilson and T/Sgt. Fred Lau. (p060)
43-38694 Bigas Bird with unknown 511th crew. (p061)
42-102576 Easter Bunny with Lt. Keller and crew. (p062)
42-97144 crash-landed June 21, 1944 at Bultofta, Sweden. (p063)
42-97193 Star Duster with Lt. J. R. Barker and crew after landing at Paris with BD on Sep. 8, 1944. (p064)
England, December 1944. L - R Sgt. John C. Gibbs, S/Sgt. Jack Murray Sgt. Delford R. Grothe and Sgt. William A. Sander. (p065)
Lead Crew, June 21, 1944. Rear. Lt. W. F. Washburn, Capt. N. E. Matthews, Lt. M. J. Giswein, Gen. Lacey. Front. Capt. J. A. Spierline, Maj. L. H. Dennis, Lt. M. V. Harmon. (p066)
Lead Crew, March 12, 1945. Rear. Gen. Lacey, Capt. J. M. Purcell, Capt. N. E. Matthews, Capt. W. C. Steitz. Front. Lt. R. W. Real, Lt. J. W. Bury, Lt. Jones. (p067)
Lead Crew, Jan. 28, 1945. Rear. Capt. N. E. Matthews, Capt. W. B. Lyttle, Capt. J. T. Eickhoff, Maj. L. B. Roper. Front. Lt. R. W. Real, Lt. Smith. (p068)
511th Crew. Rear. Lt. Thomas Kucskar, Lt. Geo. A. Patterson, Lt. L. L. Lesch, Lt. D. J. Young, Lt. L. R. Phelps. Front. T/Sgt. W. L. Mawhorter, S/Sgt. A. L. Rhoden, S/Sgt. D. J. Appleford, S/Sgt. R. L. Dickman, T/Sgt. D. B. Saltman. (p069)
Capt. J. F. Nesmith and crew. Rear L-R Capt. Joseph F. Nesmith, Lt. Harper A. Gordon, S/Sgt. Vernon A. Clark, T/Sgt. Walter W. Swayze, Capt. Donaly Y. Huff, Lt. Leonard L. Korf. Front, S/Sgt. Wiley W. Snow, T/Sgt. Jesse B. McGee, T/Sgt. Raymond Allen, S/Sgt. James E. Scott. (p070)
Lt. D. M. Heller and crew. (p071)
Lt. Chas Hull and crew.Rear. Lt. Chas. Hull, Lt. Joseph Koffend, S/Sgt. Fred Nelson, T/Sgt. Wally Johnson, S/Sgt. John Swistak, Lt. Zip Turley, Lt. John Tynan. Front. S/Sgt. Stanley Stanek, unknown, S/Sgt. Willie Jones. (p072)
Lt. Castle and crew. Rear. Sgt. Bousquet, Sgt. Wilkes, Sgt. Logan, Sgt. Bandy. Front. Lt. Anderson,Lt. Williams, Lt. Castle, Lt. Cessna. (p073)
Lt. Vernon B. Evans and crew. (p074)
Capt. Robert Parnell and crew.Rear, third from left. Capt. R. Parnell. Front, second from left Sgt. Sam Wyrouk. (p075)
Capt. E. S. Fowler and crew. Rear. T/Sgt. L. W. Walters, Lt. J. W. Heck, Lt. S. R. Levinson, Capt. E. S. Fowler, Lt. G. R. Newby, Lt. J. S. Lunan. Front. T/Sgt. J. Massara, S/Sgt. A. Disbrow, S/Sgt. C. E. Borden, S/Sgt. T. A. Kolessar, S/Sgt. F. X. Schmid. (p076)
509th Gunners after mission November 1943. L - R. Unknown, S/Sgt. Michael Kucsmas, T/Sgt. Joseph L. Poltrone, T/Sgt. Russell C. Patten. (p077)
Capt. E. P. Harris and crew. (p078)
Capt. L. H. Dennis and crew. Rear. S/Sgt. F. D. Spaulding, Capt. L. H. Dennis, Lt. E. R. Robinson, Lt. W. F. Washburn, Lt. C. M. Summers, T/Sgt. G. E. Timmerman. Front. S/Sgt. E. E. Yonally, S/Sgt. L. D. Wall, T/Sgt. B. S. Schwartz, S/Sgt. T. F. Childress. (p079)
Lt. W. D. Olsen and crew.Rear. T/Sgt. R. W. Fulks, S/Sgt. B. S. Penman, S/Sgt. G. H. Turley, S/Sgt. W. C. Laney, S/Sgt. J. Winton, S/Sgt. J. A. Jimenez. Front. Lt. W. D. Olsen, Lt. Z. G. Moore, Lt. R. Hough, Lt. R. L. Burleson. (p080)
Capt. S. McCluskey's crew.Rear. Lt. H. G. Windes, Lt. G. F. Kiely, Lt. J. B. Duncan. Front. S/Sgt. J. S. Murryn, T/Sgt. G. C. Tilton, S/Sgt. D. A. Johnson, S/Sgt. A. G. Stephens, S/Sgt. P. C. Reily, T/Sgt. R. J. Jordan. (p081)
Lt. D. W. Marsey and crew.Rear. T/Sgt. Moore, T/Sgt. George Tobolsky, S/Sgt. Robert E. Fry, S/Sgt. Daniel M. Coffey, T/Sgt. Dwain Little, S/Sgt. Charles H. Watkins. Front. Lt. Donald W. Marsey, Lt. Leo W. Cook, Lt. Fred. F. Kelley, Lt. Alan B. Reed. (p082)
Lead crew. Rear. Lt. Robert L. Lawsen, Lt. Tony Zotollo, Lt. Norman Gootee. Front. Lt. John Dunnigan, Lt. Jack Rowan. (p083)
Lt. James M. Gibbons and crew. (p084)
Lead crew. Rear. Lt. Elmer R. Robinson, Capt. Chas H. Auten, Lt. James G. King. front. Lt. Richard G. Hough, Capt. Harry B. Holsapple. (p085)
Deputy Lead crew. Rear.Lt. Phillip H. Fruchter, Lt. Joseph R. Berardi, Lt Joseph L. Heard. front. S/Sgt. Clyde J. Risinger, S/Sgt. Stanley Walaszek. (p086)
Lt Whitchurch and crew. Rear. S/Sgt. Maurice Turner, Lt. Eugene Sylvester, Lt. Newton Wilbur, Lt Gilbert Whitchurch, Lt. Richard Cox, S/Sgt. Frederick Vester. Front. S/Sgt. Frederick Gowen, S/Sgt. Robert Mondragon, S/Sgt. Donald Luce, S/Sgt. Andrew Boyarko. (p087)
Lt Wiese and crew. Rear. Lt. W. A. Wiese, Lt. T. D. Parsons, Sgt. P. T. Guckes, Sgt. M. Graham. front. Sgt. B. Green, S/Sgt. W. L. Daniels. (p088)
Lt Condon and officers. Lt. Robert Gunster, Lt. Robert Condon, Lt. Joe Isoardi, Lt. W. R. Whitten. (p089)
508th BT Gunner. T/Sgt. John J. Mernagh. (p090)
Lt Case and crew. Rear. Lt. R. J. Case, Lt. G. E. Smith, Lt. A. Elsaesser, Lt. J. F. Haltom. Front. T/Sgt. D. L. Hansen, S/Sgt. H. G. Simmons, S/Sgt. W. L. Lockamy, Sgt. N. Novack, S/Sgt. H. J. Peters, S/Sgt. Campbell. (p091)
351st Parachute packers. Unknown, Sgt. D. C. Schindele, Lt. C. Gable, Unknown. (p092)
Lt. W. R. Raser and crew. Rear. Lt. John R. Duchesneau, Lt. Billy V. Gwynn, Lt. William R. Raser, Lt. Augustus Cesarini. Front. s/Sgt. William Lamb Jr., S/Sgt. Omer L. Theroux, S/Sgt. Bernard E. Petereit, S/Sgt. Bernard Busko, S/Sgt. Ivey B. Hullender, T/Sgt. Elmer F. Ruschman. (p093)
Lt. Milton Sherman and crew. (p094)
511th Ground crew. L-R. Cpl. E. J. Peters, M/Sgt. F. G. Robinson, Cpl. F. Balmer, Sgt. V. D. Neibuhr. (p095)
Lt. D. W. Litsinger and crew. Rear. Lt. Jim Rogers, Lt. Ben Maltby, Lt. Dave Litsinger, Lt. Harry Fireman, T/Sgt. John Hankinson. Front. T/Sgt. Harry Schwartzberg, S/Sgt. Robert McElree, S/Sgt. John W. Reed, S/Sgt. Graham S. Wilson. (p096)
511th Engineering. Rear. Sgt. B. P. Duncan, Cpl. G. W. Stout, Sgt. R. Whitman, S/Sgt. O. B. Upton, Sgt. M. N. Risa, Sgt. W. S. Johnson, Sgt. H. Stickford. Front. Cpl. A. A. Padula, S/Sgt. W. J. O'Connell, S/Sgt. E. Atwood, Cpl. W. A. Riggs, Sgt. E. H. Vargas. (p097)
508th Armaments. L to R. Cpl James I, Cline, Cpl Charles E. Harris, Cpl Bryce Carswell Jr, Cpl Renato Bressan. (p098)
Lead crew Apr. 16, 1945. Rear. Capt. W. D. Olson, Lt. J. H. Leavitt, Lt. J. C. Cutler. Front. Lt. P. F. Drake, Lt. O. J. Shirley, Lt. H. J. Swift. (p099)
Lead crew. Rear. Col. E. Ledoux, Lt. G. I. Whitehead, unknown. Front. Capt. A. E. Grunow, Lt. D. J. Hoeldke, Lt. C. A. Cleveland, Lt. E. R. Robinson. (p100)
511th crew. T/Sgt. W. L. Dean, S/Sgt. N. S. Sidorick, T/Sgt. M. P. Kelly, Lt. C. W. Wilson, Lt. S. C. Chenoweth, S/Sgt. A. Terlizzi. (p101)
Parish brothers. L- Cpl. W. R. Parish, 511th. R- S/Sgt. J. C. Parish, 510th. (p102)
511th Engineers. Capt. Carl A. Ekblad, Lt. Fincklin Schenk, M/Sgt. R. G. Chubb. (p103)
S/Sgt. Frank Nappe, July 1944 (p104)
Capt. L. J. Maginn and crew. Rear. S/Sgt. C. W. Amos, Lt. W. H. Brooks, T/Sgt. W. T. Palmer, Capt. L. J. Maginn. Front. Lt. N. L. Gootee, S/ Sgt. J. T. Fowler, S/Sgt. D. R. Shrom, S/Sgt. E. A. Maffey. (p105)
510th Engineers. Front row right, M/Sgt. S. O. Jones. (p106)
44-8045 DS-L "The Pathfinder" (p107)
Capt. Charles A. Fuller and crew. (p108)
T/Sgt. Richard T. Patton, 1943. (p109)
Lt. Robert E. Taylor and crew. (p110)
Lt. George W. Mears and crew. Group includes. Lt. George W. Mears, Lt. Russell E. Ward, Lt. James D. Mahaffey, Lt. Richard L. David, T/Sgt. Samuel R. Simms, T/Sgt. Richard. D. Hobt, S/Sgt. Earl R. Echstenkamper, S/Sgt. John B. Lucas, S/Sgt. Caleb B. Hurst, Sgt. Frank L. Selover. (p111)
42-38005 Stormy Weather
Photo 1: At Polebrook.(p112a)
Photo 2: 42-38005 Stormy Weather after crash-landing on Danish Island of Als with Capt. Robert B. Clay. (p112b)
T/Sgt. Willard Backman and his wife, Bernice. March 1943. (p113)
Lt. John R. White and crew. Rear. Lt. John R. White, Lt. Henry Morris, S/Sgt. Darwin D. Reppard, S/Sgt. William S. Maupin, Lt. James A. Taylor, Lt. Richard L. Plouf, Front. T/Sgt. Fred H. Wright, S/Sgt. Lyle A. Norquist, S/Sgt. Dwight E. Suddick, S/Sgt. David W. Flanzbaum, (p114)
Lt. Raleigh G. Knight and crew. Rear. Lt. Raleigh G. Knight, Lt. Greene A. King, S/Sgt. George R. Kehoe, Lt. Ernest F. Barrett, S/Sgt. Edward Maly. Front. S/Sgt. Berton M. Starks, S/Sgt. Robert F. Peterson, T/Sgt. Lester D. Detro. F/O Arthur Thilen taking photo. (p115)
Lt. James J. Maginnis and crew. Rear. T/Sgt. William Glenn, Lt. Roy Peterson, Lt. James Maginnis, Lt. George Wylie, Lt. George Hornick, S/Sgt. Daniel Reader, S/Sgt. Raymond Rajala. Front. S/Sgt. Angelo Riccardi, Sgt. Hershel Evans, Sgt. George Bradic, T/Sgt. Morris Beiler, S/Sgt. Joseph DeBruce, S/Sgt. John Yarush. (p116)
42-29841 RQ-V " Shady Lady". Group includes Lt.Robert M. Spika and Lt Floyd F. Homstead. (p117)
42-97258 YB-P " Silver Meteor". After crash-landing Polebrook on April 25, 1944. (p118)
44-6952 RQ-H " Peachy Pie". Lt John R. Workman and crew. Front row, second from left, Sgt. Leo Zaitlen, (p119)
Lt W. D. Smith and crew. Top, Sgt. Carl W. Linblad, S/Sgt. Stephen J. Bodnar, S/Sgt. Charles A. Knothe, Middle, Lt. Richard W. Speers, Lt. Willis D. Smith, Lt. T. E. Trolinger. Front, Lt. Harlan B. Bixby, S/Sgt. William L. Day, S/Sgt. John L. Norris. (p120)
42-29850 TU-G "Gremlin's Castle". Rear, Unknown, Capt. A. Koszarek, T/Sgt. A. Tolkar, Lt. W. H. McKinnon, S/Sgt. E. Lemley, T/Sgt. T. Knaphus, Lt. N. M. Lynch. Front, Unknown, S/Sgt. E. Thomas, Lt. E. F. Meyer, T/Sgt. R. Nachriener. Seated, S/Sgt. W. H. McMahon. (p121)
Polebrook Airfield. Taken from the South in September 1944. (p122)
42-97196 RQ-N "My Gal II". with unknown, S/Sgt. John D. Leasure, unknown. (p123)
42-38032 RQ-X "My Gal" (p124)
Lt. James L. Van Sandt and crew. Group includes. Sgt. A. Lelionis (rear left), rest include, Lt. J. L. Van Sandt, Lt. R. H. Imhoff, Lt. F. D. Quinn, Lt. A. B. Kabakoff, Sgt. J. M. Miller, Sgt. J. B. Krueger, Sgt. L. D. Anyan,Sgt. M. G. Wetherington, Sgt. A. P. Miller. (p125)
Lt. Howard J. Marschak and crew. Group includes, rear left, Lt. Howard J. Marschak, Lt. Eric G. Carlsen, F/O Gossman, Lt. Hubbard. Bottom row, S/Sgt. Verle B. Kries, T/Sgt. C. J. Howard, S/Sgt. H. J. Wiencek, S/Sgt. Salvatore P. DiChiera, T/Sgt. John B. King. (p126)
S/Sgt. Paul T. Covert (p127)
Lt. James H. Gattens and crew. From rear left, Sgt. Mike Montagno, Sgt. William Morris, Sgt. Robert Smith, Sgt. Wallace Hoffman, Sgt. Elmer Phillips, Sgt. John Resnick. Bottom row, Lt James E. Gattens, Lt. Edward Szymanski, Lt. Preston Kidwell. (p128)
Lt. Henderson Cagle and crew. From rear left, Lt. Henderson Cagle, Lt. Thomas C. Petersen, Sgt. Clem J. Pine, Lt. James Dunn, Sgt. Augustus F. Markert, Sgt. J. L. Fail. Bottom row, Sgt. Chester L. Kinsey, Lt. Alex A. Feldstein, Sgt. Joseph Lodge, Sgt. Harrison W. Cartwright.(p129)
Lt. John C. Haba and crew. From rear left, Lt. John C. Haba, Lt. Clinton M. Cavett, Lt. Robert A. McGlohan, Lt. Eugene J. Hooks. Bottom row, Sgt. Donald M. Holihan, Sgt. Raymond T. McCloskey, Sgt. Roy M. Morrison, Sgt. James S. Singleton, Sgt. Sgt. Charles W. Cole (did not join 351st BG), Sgt. Ernest J. Clinton.(p130)
Lt. Marvin A. Brooksby and crew. From rear left, Sgt. Richard M. Ackerman, Sgt. Walter D. Hankel, Sgt. Malcom H. Dawson, Sgt. Isadore C. DeCresce, Sgt. Robert W. Saxon, Sgt. George T. Scerrati, Sgt. Hutchins (did not go overseas). Bottom row, Lt. Marvin A. Brooksby, Lt. Joseph Wroblewski, Lt. George M. Decker, Lt. Richard Perle.(p131)
Lt. Charles T. Walby and crew. From rear left, Sgt. Gerald Isaacson, Sgt. Archibald D. Stentiford, Sgt. Percy A. Ruisc, Sgt. Richard Breallion, Sgt. Paul T. Covert. Bottom row, Lt. Charles T. Walby, Lt. Charles Forsaith, Lt. Charles Jatho, Lt. William Finn.(p132)
Lt. Howard J. Matre and crew. From rear left, Lt. Howard J. Matre, Lt. Robert S. Hammaker, Lt. Bart W. Starr, Lt. John Androkitis, Lt. Russell M. McConnell. Bottom row, Sgt. Joseph R. Milani, Sgt. Edwin C. Vance, Sgt. Harold W. Leyva, Sgt. Horace H. Shields, Sgt. Charles S. Wingard (p133)
Lt. J. N. McNamara and crew. Group includes, Lt. J. N. McNamara, Lt. C. W. Armstrong, Lt. R. L. Arceneaux, Lt. H. M. Mishkin, Sgt. C. C. Barnes (front row, left)., Sgt. E. A. Baron, Sgt. G. S. Cluett, Sgt. A. F. Jones, Sgt. E. J. Zourski, Sgt. R. B. Danielson. (p134)
Lt. C. W. Armstrong and crew after crash landing at Polebrook, Dec. 31st, 1944. Group includes, Lt. C. W. Armstrong,Lt. H. L. Brown, Lt. R. L. Arceneaux, Lt. H. M. Mishkin, Sgt. C. C. Barnes , Sgt. E. A. Baron, Sgt. G. S. Cluett, Sgt. A. F. Jones, Sgt. S. S. Klyve. (p134)
Lt. J. M. Plant and crew. Group includes, Sgt. P. C. O'Neill, front row fourth from right. (p136)
Lt. M. J. Borchert and crew. Rear. S/Sgt. D. S. Dorsey, Lt. M. J. Borchert, Lt. B. G. Hansen, Lt. W. F. Ernst. Front. Lt. G. R. Scofield, Sgt. R. Tenny, S/S A. Novaco, T/Sgt. G. D. Johnson, T/Sgt. P. J. Schult (p137)
854th Chemical Co. T/Sgt. Ernest W. Day. front row third from right. (p138)
From left, Lt Samuel Gurke, Lt. Morton N. Terrill and Lt. Elmer T. Nelson. (p139)
Rear from left, S/Sgt. Phil Povlotsky,Lt. Eugene Leone, Lt. Howard F. Smith, S/Sgt. Kenneth A. Morris. Front, S/Sgt. John R. M. O'Neill, S/Sgt. Robert Smith, T/Sgt. John Snyder, T/Sgt. James Morphew. (p140)
Unknown crew. Sgt. John L. Sallee front row second from right. (p141)
Lt. T. D. Garner and crew. From left. Sgt. Ralph C. Foster, Sgt. Keith S. Cummins, Sgt. Erwin J. Hugget, S/Sgt. Victor B. Pyles. Sgt. William O. Hefferman, Lt. Tony Diprima, S/Sgt. Bruce W. Warden, Lt. Albert LaShier, Lt. Edward R. Hodgson, Lt. Thomas D. Garner. (p142)
Lt. W. J. McFarland and crew. Rear from left.S/Sgt. Edward F. David, S/Sgt. William H. Harman, S/Sgt. Robert E. Irle, T/Sgt. Vance T. Riddle, T/Sgt. Wallace H. Gross. Front. Lt. William C. Howe, Lt. George L. Steinbach, Lt. Don A. Whittaker, Lt. William J. McFarland. (p143)
Lt. G. A. Sprecher and crew. Rear from left. T/Sgt. Joseph J. Starr, Sgt. Leo E. Papenbrock, S/Sgt. James O. Thomas, Unkown. Front. Lt. Gordon A. Sprecher, Lt. Arthur M. Johnson, Lt. Donald L. Kieth, Lt. Raymond E. Miller. (p144)
Lt. L. E. Thomson and crew. Rear from left.Sgt. Frank C. Zarli, Sgt. William N. Hecht, Sgt. Robert L. Guill, Unknown, Unknown. Front. Lt. Edward T. Linehan, Lt. Leo E. Thomson, Lt. Lazard L. Loeb. (p145)
Lt. J. W.. Crutcher and crew. Rear from left.Sgt. Max L. Sass, Lt. Paul L. Purvis, Sgt. Gail C. Lunsford, Sgt. James H. Williamson, Lt. John W. Crutcher, unknown, Sgt. V. H. J. Budney. Front. Sgt. Charles Pike, Lt. Roger S. Johnson, Lt. Lloyd T. Hunter. (p146)
Lt. E. P. Harris and crew. Rear from left.Lt. Edward Jacobson, Lt. Thomas Briscoe, Lt. Merle Braden, Lt. Eugene Harris, Front. S/Sgt. William E. Olivari, T/Sgt. Charles Tigue, S/Sgt. Mitchell T. Miles, (p147)
Sgt. Frank B. Knapp. (p148)
511th BS Admin at play. Sgt. Gilbert Flatow third from left. (p149)
Lt. Charles H.Sugg and crew. Rear, Rear, S/Sgt. Samuel L. Jones, S/Sgt. Robert E. Sewell, T/Sgt. Randall R. Sain, S/Sgt. Joseph Kunes, T/Sgt. Donald A. Thurston. Front. S/Sgt. Herman Goldstein, Lt. Charles H. Sugg, Lt. Charles E. Bennett, Lt. Stanley R. Keller. (p150)
Lt. Richard M. Hollister and crew. Rear, Lt. Richard M. Hollister, Lt. Gene H. Crowell, Lt. James H. Herring, Lt. Robert S. Wellbeloved. Front. T/Sgt. Robert E. Claveau, Sgt. Nicholas M. Bado, Sgt. Sherman L. Rueb, Sgt. Charles H. Bardeen, Sgt. Jack D. Hain. (p151)
Lt. Joseph D. Rebo and crew. Rear, Lt. Francis B. Byrnes, Lt. Robert R. Bacon, Lt. Joseph D. Rebo, Lt. Albert M. Eichin. Front. T/Sgt. Harold E. Hashberger, T/Sgt. Richard H. Matthews, S/Sgt. David J. Ladshaw, T/Sgt. Vernal A. Stevenson, S/Sgt. Roger H. Blythe. (p152)
447th Group. Rear, Sgt. Matthew B. Ray, Cpl. Charles W. Blakesley, S/Sgt. Clarence C. Cornish, Cpl. Camilo V. Ahumada. Sgt. Gerald F. Budke. Front. T/Sgt. Wayne S. DeBolt, S/Sgt. Edward T. Henderson, Sgt. Chester Wyker, Sgt. Fay C. Russler, Sgt. Steve J. Gecewicz. (p153)
S/Sgt. Albert R. Custer. (p154)
T'aint a Bird. L. to r. Capt. Arren A. Akins, unknown, Capt. Clarke Gable, Lt. Co. Robert W. Bowles. (p155)
Lt. Robert Chalmers and crew. (p156)
Sgt. Frealon E. Thomas. (p157)
Lt. Lester L. Kunz, kneeling. (p158)
Lt. Elmer Dreyer and crew. (p159)
Lt. Clair E. Tracy and crew. Lt. Tracy second from left. (p160)
Lt. Miles E. Manthey. Lt. Manthey front left. (p161)
Lt. Robert K. Potter crew. Lt. Potter middle front row. (p162)
Sgt. Edward W. Handel. (p163)
Sgt. Malcolm M. Kearns. (p164)
Lt. Carl Stahl and crew. Lt. Stahl front left. (p165)
Angelini's Crew Training in Amarillo Texas
Photo 1: Standing From Left: Kenneth D. Henrickson, Otis F. Thomas, Bruce F. Imler, Richard T. Patton, John W. Ernst, Joseph Zakas Jr.   Sitting From Left: Joseph S. Angelini, William B. Zimmerman, Stanley J. Goodman, Harold E. Akers. (p166a)
Photo 2: U.S. Air Corps Training in Amarillo Texas. Fred "Gertie" Parker (left) and Otis Thomas