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351st Bomb Group
351st Gravesites

To locate the grave of a 351st Bomb Group member, click the magnifying glass and start typing a last name in the search box. Omit any apostrophes or spaces in the last name. As you type, a list of names will appear below the search window and update with each letter entered. When the name you are searching for appears, click on it to locate the grave. Information on the group member and the grave location is shown in a pop-up box. Use the plus, minus and home button to zoom the map in or out.

The following ABMC cemeteries are included in the map:

AR Ardennes American Cemetery
BR Brittany American Cemetery
CA Cambridge American Cemetery
EP Epinal American Cemetery
HC Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
LO Lorraine American Cemetery
LX Luxembourg American Cemetery
NE Netherlands American Cemetery
NO Normandy American Cemetery

Printed: 2/27/21 4:19 pm